China Stock Market Continues To Tumble

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Monday, July 27 witnessed the largest fall in share prices in major Chinese stock markets, especially the Shanghai Composite Index, in a decade. The fall of more than eight percent was followed on July 28 by a further drop in China’s stock market by 1.6 percent. These declines come after the massive intervention in the stock market by Beijing, following significant losses in equity values a few weeks ago.

Having frozen much of the market, and injected massive cash allotments into listed shares, amplified by the China authorities compelling companies to purchases stocks, while forbidding the sell-off of shares in many cases, Beijing had thought the problem had been solved. As the past days show, however, central government intervention in the equity markets only temporarily stalled the deflating of this large Chinese asset bubble.

The volatility now existing in China’s stock markets illustrates the overall fragility of much of the Chinese economic model and its opaque financial underpinnings.




Barack Obama Meets Neville Chamberlain And Joseph Stalin? Unsettling Parallels With The Infamous Munich Agreement of 1938 And Its Aftermath

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President Obama has made America’s worst strategic blunder by empowering the anti-American regime in Iran, acquiescing in its burgeoning hegemonic role in the Middle East, while legitimating its status as a nuclear threshold power. In all probability, this will mean the attainment of full nuclear weapons capability in a decade, if not sooner, by the theocratic dictatorship in Iran, unless a power other than Washington decides to stop them.

In the wake of the nuclear deal with Iran consummated officially by the P5 plus 1, but in reality between Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif, political adversaries in Washington are weighing in on the nuclear treaty, their positions largely pre-determined by their partisan politics and ideologies rather than by a cogent analysis. This applies to those supporting and opposing Obama’s Iran deal. What is being ignored is the true basis for President’s Obama’s historic gamble on Iran and its implacably anti-American regime.

In a private meeting with leftwing progressive activists in the Democratic Party held in January 2014, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, spelled out the administration’s intentions. Unknown to Rhodes, his confidential briefing was secretly recorded, and details would subsequently leak out ( The core of what he had to say about the negotiations with Iran:

“So no small opportunity, it’s a big deal. This is probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. This is healthcare for us, just to put it in context.” He went on to say, “We’re already kind of thinking through, how do we structure a deal so we don’t necessarily require legislative action right away. And there are ways to do that.”

Largely in secret, and based on a belief that the American people lacked the sophistication to fully understand the Iran issue as thoroughly as President Obama and his expert advisors, a policy decision was apparently made to engage in a grand act of appeasement, allowing Iran to maintain intact its illicit nuclear infrastructure designed solely to fabricate fissile materials suitable for ultimately only one purpose–manufacturing nuclear weapons. A fig leaf of a 10-year moratorium on full-scale use of that capacity by Iran, with a supposedly strict inspection regime that is obfuscated by a complex treaty that is so arcane, it allows Iran numerous opportunities to thwart its intent and cheat successfully, has been presented as largely a public relations exercise. The real intent of the Iran deal, as Ben Rhodes suggested 18-months ago, is to transform Iran from an adversary to a regional ally of America’s and serve as the Middle East policeman, allowing the United States to finally extricate itself from military involvement in that region.

This is where parallels with the Munich agreement of 1938 resonate most strongly, for reasons largely forgotten. Neville Chamberlain signed an agreement with Adolf Hitler, sacrificing Czechoslovakia in a grand act of appeasement, not solely to achieve “peace in our time.” The British political establishment of that era viewed communism and Soviet Russia as a far greater menace than Nazi Germany. It was their hope that the Munich agreement would focus Hitler’s attention towards the East, and use Nazi Germany’s military power against Stalin’s Russia.

It was the reaction of Soviet dictator Stalin to the Munich agreement that resonates with the contemporary thinking of the Obama administration on Iran. He decided to play his own game of appeasement with Hitler, signing the notorious Soviet-German non-aggression pact that enabled Hitler to launch the Second World War. Stalin was fully aware that in Nazi ideology, the Russian people were viewed on the same level as the Jews, with Hitler boasting in Mein Kampf of his future intentions to destroy Russia as a nation and conquer its lands. Stalin convinced himself that the non-aggression treaty ushered in an era of pragmatism in German policy towards Russia, and Nazi ideology had faded away. As history was to reveal, he was fatally wrong is his calculation, and the result was that his country was nearly annihilated, and escaped total destruction at the cost of tens of millions of lives.

Barack Obama, John Kerry and Ben Rhodes apparently believe in a manner similar to Stalin’s that the Ayatollahs’ vehemently anti-American hatred is not a core value of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and will be sublimated by pragmatism. Yet, even as the Iran Deal was being finalized, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei publicly chanted “death to America!” American flags were burning on Iranian streets as Kerry and Zarif exchanged smiles. And the regime’s most militant instrument of power, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, was staging naval exercises that involved the “sinking” of a replica of an American aircraft carrier.

President Obama has apparently convinced himself that Tehran’s hostility is only a passing phase, and that in time it will become the trustworthy guardian of the Middle East, protecting the United States from what the administration seems to regard as the unruly Sunni Arab world. Decades of alliances with the broader Arab world, and especially Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, along with Israel, are in the process of being abandoned, in what must be regarded as the most reckless crapshoot in American geo-strategic planning.

Unfortunately, the administration has lulled itself into sleepwalking with a hegemon whose core ideology, as the leaders of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly stated, is centered on hatred of the United States. Unless other forces can prevent what at this point seems inevitable, the ultimate outcome of the Iran deal is that Americans will one day awaken to the reality of an apocalyptic regime pointing nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles at their shores.




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China Stock Market Crashing and Burning Before Our Eyes

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While the world has been sidetracked by the never-ending Greek Debt Crisis, another economy with a GDP that is 40 times the size of Greece is giving signs of serious, even critical financial weakness. The world’s second largest economy, and supposedly most-powerful “communist” nation, has seen its stock market enter a downward spiral that Beijing seems helpless to retard.

As the Chinese economy slowed down over the past year, China’s equity market soared by 100 percent or more, creating the largest bubble in the Far East. Now, for the past three weeks, the Shanghai index has been witnessing a massive sell-off that has contracted its value by more than 30 percent. The government, fearing a financial panic and social instability as tens of millions of Chinese investors rush for the exits, has been trying every stratagem known to man to halt and reverse this slide, including compelling government companies to buy massive blocks of shares , cutting interest rates and temporarily halting trading in some companies. All to no avail.

As the implosion in Chinese equity markets continues, the rest of the world is starting to take notice. It should. If what is occurring in China is no mere correction but an actual financial panic, the resulting  damage to China’s economy and fiscal health will impact Chinese imports for its massive industrial sector, negatively impacting global commodity prices at an already fragile moment for the global economy. All this will only heighten the already elevated level of volatility among the world’s financial markets.

The world may be about to discover the true significance of China’s emergence as one of the two largest economies on the planet. During the past several years, many business analysts have warned of the proliferation of signs that much of China’s spectacular economic growth was based on bubbles financed by the central government. There have been numerous  accounts of new cities built with virtually no inhabitants, of vacant office complexes and condominiums. In effect, a trail of pump-priming that has artificially boosted GDP growth in an economy that is still characterized by a very low level of internal consumption, especially in comparison with Western economies, has been the primary driver of China’s economic expansion. There have been earlier signs of an unsustainable real estate bubble and a flood tide of debt by municipal governments and economic enterprises that defy rationality . What is now occurring on the Chinese stock market may be a leading indicator that all is not well with Beijing’s still highly-centralized economic model. Should things unravel beyond the capacity of the government to control, it may be that China in 2015, as with the United States in 2008, will become the primary catalyst of a severe global recession.





The Greece That Can Say No: History’s Lessons Applied To The Greek Debt Crisis

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The latest stage in the Greek debt crisis has the been the referendum called by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, whose ruling Syriza party was elected on a platform of opposition to the austerity measures imposed by the Eurozone and the International  Monetary Fund, in exchange for loans to service what almost everyone recognized are sovereign debts that Athens can never repay. With the collapse of talks between the Greek government and its creditors, Tsipras called the referendum, seeking a “no” vote  on the latest bailout terms offered by the Eurozone and IMF.  Not surprisingly, many business commentators and economists have savaged the negotiating tactic being employed by Tsipras, essentially claiming that such an approach will lead to the inevitable ejection of Greece from the Eurozone, and an even worse contraction of the already depressed Greek economy.

On the basis of cold logic, those pundits may be correct. However, the affairs of human societies are rarely played out in a purely logical manner. Those observers, and the leadership of the Eurozone and IMF, have ignored the lessons from Greek history of the last century.

In  asking Greek voters to render a vote for “Οχι” (pronounced “Ohi,” which is “no” in Greek), Tsipras was echoing one of the most important dates on the Greek national calendar, “Ohi Day,” held every October 28. “Ohi Day” commemorates an event that occurred on October 28, 1940 which has influenced the Greek national character ever since. In was on that day that the Italian ambassador to Greece handed an ultimatum to the Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas. Mussolini, who was jealous of the military successes achieved by his Axis partner, Hitler, decided he would attempt the game of conquest as well. Despite the fact that Metaxas was a dictator, sympathetic  to both Nazi Germany  and Fascist Italy, Mussolini decided on attacking Greece for no other reason than it appearing to be a defenseless country, ripe for easy conquest. At 3.00 AM  Metaxas was informed by Rome’s ambassador that an Italian army would march  into Greece from Albania in less than 3 hours, and he must capitulate or expect war. The answer from Metaxas was “Ohi.”

That one word rallied Greek resistance to the invasion mounted by Fascist Italy. Metaxas, who was an ill man who would die within months, underwent a profound metamorphosis. He abandoned his previous empathy for fascism, and became a stalwart fighter for democracy. On the day of the Italian invasion, Metaxas issued a proclamation to the Greek people which began with these words, “The hour has come to fight for the liberty of Greece , her integrity and honor.” In a stirring radio broadcast made a month later, Metaxas told his nation, “All must know that the struggle must be hard and long, and that our road will not be strewn with flowers, but we shall overcome all difficulties, face all perils…We are fighting for values the significance of which goes beyond our own frontiers and those of the Balkan countries and extends to all humanity. Let us thank God that His will has again destined Greece  to fight for such a lofty cause.”

To the surprise of the entire world, the Greek army utterly routed the Italian invaders, and even liberated a large party of Italian-occupied Albania. It was the first time in World War II that an Axis army had been defeated in a land campaign. At a dark time in human history, the courage of the Greek nation was a rare beacon of light.

Eventually, Nazi Germany intervened in the fighting, and its massive war machine overcame Greek resistance. However, even under Nazi occupation, the Greek people continued to resist by mounting guerrilla warfare. The war brought much suffering to Greece, and an argument could have been made that accepting the Italian ultimatum might have spared the nation much material suffering. However, the cost would have been severe to the Greek people’s sense of national dignity. In 1940, they followed in the direction set by Metaxas, and established an example of national honor that inspired the world.

On July 5, 2015 the Greek people have again said “no.” As in 1940, despite the hard road mandated by their decision, the Greek people have placed national honor and dignity on a higher plane than the only other alternative on offer: an ultimatum based on collective indignity and national impoverishment .




Greece and the Eurozone: Collision Course

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Negotiations between the Greek government  of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza ruling party on one side, and the IMF and Eurozone creditors of the massive public debt  afflicting Greece on the other side, have collapsed. A collision course is now being pursued between the two opposite sides, a game of fiscal chicken with no discernible good outcome for either side.

With the collapse of talks between Athens and her creditors and the announcement by Tsipras of a pending referendum by the Greek electorate on a bailout deal being offered by the Eurozone and IMF (which Tsipras recommends be rejected), the European Central Bank appears on the verge of ending its liquidity lifeline to Greek banks. If that happens, Greece may close its banks as early as Monday, and impose capital controls. The end result: a Greek exit from the Euro appears more likely, along with the inevitable disruptive ripples that will afflict not only the Eurozone, but the global economy as a whole.





Greece: Greek Debt Talks Collapse; Greek Exit From Euro Nears

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It is high noon in the Eurozone, as talks between Greece and her creditors have collapsed. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was elected on an platform of anti-austerity, and thus  has little room to maneuver. Greece’s creditors in the Eurozone and IMF have  their own limitations on compromising in the austerity required of Athens as the price for more credit to service its massive and unpayable sovereign debt.

We are now at a pint where the can may no longer be kicked down the road. With a debt payment coming due at the end of the month, and the credit required to meet that payment likely to be denied, Greece may very well default on its debt, and be on the way to leaving the Euro monetary union. The impact of such a development, both within the Eurozone and within the broader global economy, may be the pin that punctures the feeble recovery that has barely occurred since the onset of the global economic and financial crisis in 2008.


Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States  in 2016. See the video about the book that warned back in 2008 what a second Clinton presidency would mean for the USA:



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Hillary Clinton Nude

Lincoln Chaffee For President Of The United States

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Amid the media circus sparked by the official launch of the 2016 presidential campaign of celebrity candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, it is easy to forget that there exists another challenger for the Democratic nomination–besides Senator Bernie Sanders. His name is Lincoln Chaffee. He is largely unknown out of his home state of Rhode Island.

About the only thing Chaffee has in common  with Hillary Clinton is that he is also the product of a political dynasty of sorts. His father, John Chaffee, served as governor of Rhode Island, U.S. Senator and Secretary of the Navy during the Nixon administration. After a background working in harness racetracks after college, Lincoln Chaffee followed in his father’s footsteps. He served as the mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island. As a part of the dying breed of moderate Republicans, he won election to the U.S. Senate. When he lost his reelection bid, be successfully won election as governor of Rhode Island, running as an independent; this was the first time an independent candidate won the gubernatorial contest in his state since 1790. After serving one term as governor, Chaffee chose not to run for reelection. He is now a registered Democrat. Recently, he officially announced that he is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 ( ).

All of the above might seem indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton, or the virtual army of Republican contenders who have either formally announced their candidacies, or are about to do so. That appears to be the existential problem with American presidential politics; it has been reduced to the geometric convergence of resumes shaped by savvy public relations consultants with massive amounts of money–in the 2016 presidential election, the price of attaining the White House will be measured at record billions of dollars.

If, however, the 2016 presidential election were not based on extravagantly-financed PR spin,  but rather on character, courage and basic common sense, Lincoln Chaffee would be the clear frontrunner. One single act in the Senate career of Lincoln Chaffee not only establishes him as the most qualified candidate to serve as America’s next President and Commander-in-Chief; it marks him as one of the very few contemporary U.S. politicians who has displayed the highest level of moral clarity and political courage.

Amid the continuing catastrophe that is the Iraq war that the United States remains  trapped in, despite President Obama’s forlorn attempt to end U.S. involvement through a precipitous and ill-conceived withdrawal of American troops, it is easy to forget how this madness all began. Let us go back to  October 2002, and recall that President George W. Bush did not launch the invasion of Iraq on his own– he required Congressional authorization. A compliant Congress  provided that authorization in the form of a blank check, empowering Bush to initiate his military adventure in the heart of the Middle East whenever he chose, without further consultation with Congress.  We know who voted for the Iraq war . The list of approving senators included Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of 29 Democratic senators who voted in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 45.

There were 49 Republicans in the Senate when SJR 45 came to a vote, of which 48 voted in favor of the war authorization measure. Only one Republican senator had the strength of character and moral integrity to vote against his own party’s president. Lincoln Chaffee, the sole Republican in the Senate to oppose the invasion of Iraq, earned the undying  contempt of many of his fellow Republicans, a factor that undoubtedly led to his eventually changing party affiliations. However, his vote of conscience and rationality should forever earn the gratitude of the American people.

The political dissent Chaffee displayed in the U.S. Senate was not only courageous; it showed a level of sophistication and understanding of international events that is sadly lacking among the current crop of presidential contenders. All who allowed the genies out of the bottle when America invaded Iraq must be held accountable for the calamitous geopolitical results. The Shiite-Sunni civil war raging in the Middle East is a direct result of this geostrategic blunder, the consequences of which will haunt the U.S. for generations to come. To expect Hillary Clinton, a co-architect of this monumental disaster, to somehow contain its horrific aftershocks is to hope for the impossible. Only a political leader who understood from the beginning that launching a war in Iraq was a terrible mistake can inspire confidence in  his ability at finding solutions to contain the metastasizing after-effects.

Most will conclude that however meritorious Lincoln Chaffee’s case for being elected America’s 45th president is, he doesn’t stand a chance, particularly against the Clinton political machine and its vast base of financial support–and that this is a tragedy for Mr. Chaffee. I look at this equation somewhat differently. It is not a tragedy for Lincoln Chaffee, but for America.



Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States  in 2016. See the video about the book that warned back in 2008 what a second Clinton presidency would mean for the USA:



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WALL STREET KILLS-Terrifying Suspense Thriller

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YouTube Video: Audio excerpt from Chapter One of WALL STREET KILLS, a suspense novel by Sheldon Filger. Click on Image below:

Audio book reading from first chapter of WALL STREET KILLS is presented in this video. WALL STREET KILLS is a suspense novel by Sheldon Filger involving high finance, BDSM and celebrity murder (EBook at*Version*=1&*entries*=0).Wall Street is the center of global financial power and symbol of greed. How far would Wall Street go in search of profits? Wall Street connives. Wall Street corrupts. And now, Wall Street Kills!

WALL STREET KILLS by Sheldon Filger presents a sinister plot, in which Wall Street tycoons and financiers invest in producing the ultimate snuff movie. A snuff movie is an erotic film in which one of the performers is actually murdered in front of the camera. High finance, political corruption, female celebrity stardom and the dark mystique of BDSM and violent eroticism combine in an explosive cocktail of suspense, intrigue and murder.

In Sheldon Filger’s terrifying novel, a Wall Street tycoon with political ambitions faces financial ruin when his hedge fund company illegally uses client funds on investments that go disastrously wrong. In desperation, he resorts to extreme measures to recoup his losses. The result is an elaborate plot, hatched by a secretive group of Wall Street investors, to kidnap a world famous, beautiful young female celebrity. Their objective: to have her tortured and killed before a live audience, in a choreographed theatrical spectacle which will be broadcast over the Internet in real-time, accessible to anyone with a computer and willingness to pay the viewing fee of one hundred dollars. The ultimate snuff movie performance is being planned, and the investors on Wall Street who have bought into the scheme will stop at nothing to make a killing.

The author of WALL STREET KILLS, Sheldon Filger, is a blogger with the Huffington Post on business, economic and political affairs. His other books include the nuclear terrorism novel KING OF BOMBS, the non-fiction books HILLARY CLINTON 2016 and ISLAMIC STATE AT WAR and a collection of his fine art photography works, NUDE WOMEN:A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY.

WALL STREET KILLS is available as an eBook at*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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U.S. Economy Nosedived In First Quarter

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The Commerce Department released revised data for the U.S. economy in Q1 of 2015. Instead of the disappointing 0.2 percent contraction, the Commerce Department is now reporting that America’s GDP contracted by a far worse 0.7 percent. This rate of negative growth clearly reveals severe and lingering weaknesses in the nation’s economic health, seven years after the onset of the global economic crisis.

As is usual, the pundits are blaming the weather, a rising dollar, the Greek debt crisis, everything but the kitchen sink. They also promise a strong rebound in Q2. However, what the pundits ignore is that the first quarter also witnessed a severe fall in oil prices, a factor that was predicted to be highly stimulating for the national economy and GDP growth. It seems that fundamental vulnerabilities still  ail the U.S. economy, a reality that simply cannot be ignored or spun away.



Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States  in 2016. See the video about the book that warned back in 2008 what a second Clinton presidency would mean for the USA:



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Hillary Clinton Nude

Islamic State–aka ISIS, ISIL– is Winning its War as President Obama Stumbles

May 26th, 2015 Comments off

Amid the flurry of Obama administration official statements promulgated by its various presidential and departmental spokespersons, reality is setting in. Despite the happy talk from Washington about ISIL (the Obama administration’s preferred acronym for describing the Islamic State), military facts on the ground cannot be eradicated by press briefings and political spin.  The recent and significant victories by the armies of the Islamic State in Palmyra, Syria and Ramadi, Iraq are a clear testament to the undiminished military efficacy and capability of the nascent caliphate.

Last  October I penned a piece in the Huffington Post, “President Obama Wages War on the Islamic State: Anatomy of a Disaster in the Making” (, in which I predicted failure for President Obama in his role of Commander-in-Chief in the evolving military confrontation with the Islamic State and its appointed Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I specifically highlighted four areas I saw as flaws in the President’s approach towards the struggle with the caliphate: 1. Propensity to underestimate the enemy and his capabilities; 2.Overreliance on insufficient means, primarily airpower; 3.Lack of a grand strategic vision, essential for prevailing in the conflict; 4. Intellectually myopic in recognizing the full dimensions of the threat posed to America by the Islamic State.

Regrettably, all the deficiencies I outlined seven months ago remain intact, as evidenced by the recent strategic victories gained by the Islamic State’s military forces in Syria and Iraq. It should be pointed out that the distance between Palmyra in Syria and Ramadi in Iraq is more than 600 kilometers, or nearly 400 miles. The fact that the Islamic State could simultaneously deploy major forces and prevail in those two widely separated battle arenas is concrete evidence to knowledgeable military experts of a highly competent military staff, and a mastery of the operational art of war. The choice of where the Islamic State advances or withdraws also pinpoints the highly strategic nature of the Islamic State’s military operations, which appear geared towards dominance of road networks, essential for controlling the large areas of Syria and Iraq currently claimed by the caliphate.

When America first began its confrontation with militant Islam in the form of al-Qaeda post 9/11, the jihadists were characterized and described as non-state actors. This description is no longer tenable in comprehending the challenge of the Islamic State. This entity may not follow the pattern of a traditional nation-state that participates in the international arena. However, in terms of its structure and the threat it poses, the Islamic State is in fact what it declares itself to be– a state, and one with an army with a skilled general staff, effective logistics and disciplined and highly motivated foot soldiers, able to employ combined arms, including armor and artillery support. Far from the “jayvee team” Barack Obama suggested as a metaphor for the Islamic State in January 2014, this entity has morphed into a most serious and capable military threat, transcending the conventional description of such Islamist phenomena as terrorist non-state actors.

While confusion and disarray reign within the circles of power in Washington, clarity seems to be the defining characteristic of the Islamic State. Despite attempts by U.S. policymakers with no comprehension of the history of Islam to downplay and distort its Islamic credentials, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State’s leadership circles are firmly welded to their historical narrative, which they fully comprehend. Their model is the Prophet Mohammed, who first brought his religious revelation to the Arabian peninsula through the sword. In the century after the Prophet’s death, his companions conquered the largest empire in history up to that time through an unparalleled application of religious fanaticism, combined with innovative military tactics. They were harsh and uncompromising towards the unbelievers, and it is that identical religious zeal that underpins the fierceness and tenacity of the soldiers of the Islamic State.

As the Obama administration gropes for answers to the challenge of the Islamic State, it appears that their new stratagem is to place their hopes in Shiite-dominated Iran, a theocracy that hates America as much as the Islamic State, and which itself is despised by the Sunni Muslim community al-Baghdadi and his caliphate represent. On top of the already monumental mistakes and strategic miscalculations President Obama has been the architect of in addressing the Islamic State, it seems that an even more dangerous error is in the process of being engineered–supporting the anti-American ayatollahs in Tehran as the protector of the Middle East from the Islamic State. I can think of no other policy decision by the Obama administration that would serve the highest hopes and aspirations of the Islamic State so well.

In the ongoing battle between the 21st and 7th centuries, it must be unfortunately concluded that the seventh century is in ascendance.


Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States  in 2016. See the video about the book that warned back in 2008 what a second Clinton presidency would mean for the USA:



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Hillary Clinton Nude