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Eurozone Sovereign Debt Debacle Deteriorates Further

November 16th, 2010

From Ireland to Portugal and back to Greece, the catastrophic public finances in the weaker Eurozone economies continue to throw off further nasty surprises, despite the massive debt-based stabilization fund the stronger economies in the Eurozone cobbled together to bailout their weaker partners. An example is found in ground zero of the European sovereign debt crisis, Greece. Fraudulent bookkeeping in Athens hid a massive and unsustainable government deficit. Once exposed, the official word was that the true size of the Greek deficit was now revealed, until that “final” figure was revised upward, then revised at a still higher figure again. Now we are informed that the last “final” upward revision was itself too low, and the latest figure from Eurostat is that the actual Greek public deficit for 2009 was an eye-popping 15.4 percent of national GDP.

The latest news on the Greek deficit, combined with bond spreads widening on Irish and Portuguese debt, are the latest markers pointing to sovereign fiscal doom in the Eurozone.


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