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Comedy Ends At Bank of Israel: Dr. Karnit Flug Appointed BOI Governor

October 21st, 2013

Last August, I commented in my blog with a piece on the disaster that had become the process of replacing Stanley Fischer as Governor of the Bank of Israel. My piece was entitled , “Comedic Farce at the Bank of Israel,” and also appeared in the Huffington Post. In my piece, I commented on how the excellent reputation Fischer had created for the BOI was being wrecked by the stubborn refusal of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Finance Minister, Yair Lapid, to follow  Fischer’s advice and appoint his deputy, Dr. Karnit Flug, as his successor. The two politicians tried to find anyone other than Flug to serve as the next BOI governor. As relayed in my blog piece, their first two nominees had to withdraw after embarrassing revelations, including in one case an allegation of shoplifting and in another, claims that the nominee consulted an astrologer on matters of importance.

The comedy has at last come to an end. After wasting 112 days, the political decision makers have finally bowed to the inevitable, the sorrowful saga has now been terminated with the announcement by Prime Minister Netanyahu that Dr. Karnit Flug has been officially appointed to serve as the Governor of the Bank of Israel. What makes this whole episode appear even more bizarre is that Finance Minster Lapid now claims that he was always in favor of selecting Flug to fill Stanley Fischer’s shoes.

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