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China Economic Growth Is Stagnating

January 23rd, 2014

According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the nation’s GDP in 2013 grew by 7.7 percent over the prior year, beating the original forecast of 7.5 percent, albeit by a small margin. On the surface, this is an impressive performance that the U.S. and Eurozone can only dream of emulating. However, a caveat is always required in assessing official Chinese economic data. Not only is Beijing suspect and at times manipulative in compiling the nation’s economic statistics (as are many other countries), it must be remembered that China’s GDP growth is seeded with massive borrowing by local governments, which in turn invest in vast infrastructure projects, which often have little real economic utility, such as uninhabited housing projects.

The truly important news with the 2013 GDP numbers from China is that they represent a marked slowdown in economic growth, when relying on just official government economic data. The current level of GDP growth is far removed from the brighter days when China achieved double digit growth year after year, for a decade or more. It is clear that China’s remarkable economic growth is slowing down, and that could be a preview for a period of much higher unemployment with concomitant political instability.



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