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FDIC Begins 2010 With More Bank Closures

January 24th, 2010

It is the third week of January, 2010 and the FDIC has already shut down 9 insolvent banks. True to form, these bank closures are typically announced on Friday nights, with the expectation that the weekend will allow only limited news coverage. Nevertheless, this attempt by the FDIC to manage the news and limit media exposure cannot disguise the fact that the American banking system enters 2010 in a state of acute fragility.

The seventh bank of 2010 to be shuttered was the Charter Bank in Santa Fe, the first bank in New Mexico to be closed in more than 10 years. Other bank closings occurred in Oregon, Washington, Florida, Missouri and Minnesota. All in all, not an auspicious beginning to 2010, the year that the Obama administration predicted would show strong economic growth and the emergence of the U.S. from recession and job losses.

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