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Growing Concern Among Veteran Investors At Stock Market Bubble That Will Burst With Catastrophic Effect

January 25th, 2021 Comments off

Sheldon Filger-blogger for

When Covid-19 first impacted major economies last Spring, stock markets throughout the world plunged  by double-digits in a period of only 3-weeks. Yet, not only have these losses all been recouped; less than a year later equities have reached record levels, led by the Dow Jones index. In addition, other speculative investments such as the cyber currency Bitcoin have soared to dizzying highs. Yet, amid this financial exuberance veteran investors are displaying growing concern for the future. The  Financial Times has characterized their concern as seeing  “a bubble to rival anything  seen in the past century.”

Simply put , there is a disconnect between the equity markets and  the real economy, which is in dire straits in virtually every country. The sole reason for the escalation in equity prices is the unprecedented money printing by central banks, combined with equally unparalleled deficit spending by sovereigns. It is only this monetary and financial sugar high which is driving soaring equity prices.

When the first hint occurs that the pump-priming may be receding, however, the investors will run for the exists. What is likely to occur is a global stock market crash of calamitous proportions which, like the 1929   crash on Wall Street, will usher in a period of deep economic depression.

WALL STREET: Music Video For Snuff Movie Thriller “Wall Street Kills”

July 13th, 2012 Comments off


To view the YouTube music video for “Wall Street Kills,” click image below:


“Wall Street ” is a rap music video introducing the explosive novel by Sheldon Filger, “Wall Street Kills.” A dark and shocking view of Wall Street greed that is pathologically out of control is the theme of “Wall Street Kills,” which is available in both eBook and hard copy editions on The book portrays its leading characters, primarily Wall Street insiders, as having a pathological drive for attaining vast profits, even if that means engaging in a shockingly brutal plot, in which the life of a celebrity woman must be sacrificed. Controversial themes explored in the novel include the exploitation of sexual violence against women for profit.

At the core of “Wall Street Kills” is an elaborate plot to kidnap a world famous female celebrity, and murder her in a theatrical spectacle that will broadcast over the Internet in real-time, available for viewing to anyone with a computer willing to pay the steep access fee. The secretive group of Wall Street investors behind the scheme seek to produce the ultimate snuff movie , convinced that they can achieve a massive return on their investment. A snuff movie is an erotic film in which one of the actors is actually killed in front of the camera, and has been the subject of urban myth and speculation for decades.

The author of “Wall Street Kills,” Sheldon Filger, is the founder of the popular website and blog, www.Global and a blogger with the Huffington Post. His previous books include the nuclear terrorism novel, “King of Bombs” and “Global Economic Forecast 2010-2015: Recession Into Depression.”
Additional information on “Wall Street Kills” can be found on the book’s website on,…