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Eurozone Economic Woes Continue

September 26th, 2014 Comments off

As with the U.S., the Eurozone has been relying on the monetary drug injected by the central bank to compensate for the failure of politicians to devise and execute effective economic policy. The drug of monetary stimulus can go only so far, and there is a constant stream of data revealing how weak the Eurozone economy is in reality.

The most recent figures from the Markit’s purchasing managers indexes show a decline in the composite average from 52.5 in August to 52.3 September. This is the lowest PMI monthly result since December of 2013.

Other than the increasingly¬† ineffective policies of the European Central Bank (ECB), and in the absence of economic leadership from the politicians, the sole hope for the Eurozone is the monetary union’s largest economy, Germany. However, the German economy has experienced a slowdown, and the emerging sanctions and economic boycott war with Russia is bound to impose a serious drag on economic growth.


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