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As the Global Economic Crisis worsens, there exists a critical need for informed commentary and observation regarding this worldwide financial disaster. Sheldon Filger, author and commentator, offers an informed perspective on the economic crisis that is proving so destructive to the global economy.

Sheldon Filger has written books and articles on subjects as diverse as politics, nuclear terrorism and female sensuality. His chilling book, KING OF BOMBS, is a novel about nuclear terrorism. His political critique of American politics, HILLARY CLINTON NUDE, warned back in 2006 that a terrible global economic crisis would strike, crippling the American economy. Two years before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the near destruction of the world’s financial system, Mr. Filger wrote, “the American economy will almost certainly, in the next presidential administration, come to a very hard landing. The decline in housing prices, which while ascendant created the illusion of national prosperity, is a clear and foreboding marker to a dark and austere future for the American people.”


Many American politicians and financial experts who predicted otherwise have since confessed that they did not see the coming of the Global Economic Crisis. Sheldon Filger saw it, wrote about it in 2006, and continues to offer insights that will inform people seeking the truth of what lies ahead for the global economy, as the most devastating economic catastrophe since the Great Depression of the 1930s accelerates in ferocity.

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