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U.S. Economy Tanks While American Politicians Go Insane

August 20th, 2010

If any further proof is needed that the U.S. economy is headed towards a double dip recession, the latest statistics from the Labor Department provide it. The most recent figures, just released, show that initial jobless claims have risen to 500,000. This is the third consecutive week of rising unemployment claims, and the worst numbers in nine months.

In March 2008, initial jobless claims rose to a peak of 651,000. By July 2010 they had dropped to 427,000. The green shoots corner over at the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury were celebrating the “success” of the Obama stimulus spending, and expected the figures on initial unemployment claims to soon drop below 400,000, a sign that the job market in America was recovering. Instead, however, this figure has soared to 500,000. The reason is simple. There has been no recovery or end to the economic crisis. All that has been accomplished is that Wall Street was bailed out, at the cost of transferring vast amounts of debt from the private to the public sector.

And what are the august politicians of Washington DC doing while the U.S. economy continues its implosion? Surely they must be working night and day trying to salvage the fast eroding American economy. Perhaps they would, if they had not found other fish to fry. For instead of addressing the nation’s profound economic crisis, they are obsessed over the proposed location of a new Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan  and whether or not it should be moved a few blocks, as well as the vital existential question of President Barack Obama’s religious identity (some on Capital Hill feel he is not really a Christian, and might actually be a secret Moslem).

It would appear that the American political establishment has gone deeply insane, and its collective madness will accomplish nothing constructive on behalf of the U.S. economy.

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