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Standard & Poor’s on Greek Debt Crisis: Default!

July 4th, 2011


S&P has weighed in on a bizarre scheme by the Eurozone crisis managers and French banks on supposedly enabling debt-stricken Greece to finance its insufferable fiscal burden. In the view of Standard & Poor’s, the French plan for banks to, in effect, roll-over private debt connected with the crisis will be seen by the ratings agency as an actual default.

With virtually every sane economist and observer believing that Greece is already insolvent and will inevitably default on its sovereign debt, it appears that the ratings agencies are now joining the choir. All that are left are the EU and IMF spin-masters preaching the falsehood that the debt crisis in Greece will be resolved without a default. What is tragic is that massive amounts of European taxpayers’ money is being poured down a rat-hole for no good purpose.




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