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China And U.S. Hold Talks Amid World Economic Crisis

December 4th, 2008

Talks on mutual economic issues involving the United States and the Peoples Republic of China are now taking place in China amid the worsening global economic and financial crisis. The series of talks will occur over a two-day period. According to Chinese officials, the global economic crisis will dominate the discussions.

On the U.S. agenda is an attempt to resolve a dispute about the value of the yuan, the Chinese currency. These meetings are occurring under the auspices of the China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue, established in 2006 by the two major trading partners. The purpose of the dialogue is to iron out economic issues and disputes involving China and the United States. in his

Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan, who is attending the meetings, the talks for China, told the Chinese and American participants that, “Making joint efforts to tackle the current global economic crisis is the most urgent task before us.”

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