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Excellent Critique Of U.S. Federal Reserve And Ben Bernanke By Israeli Economist Dr. Yishai Ashlag

September 24th, 2013

Those who regularly read my blog, either on the GlobalEconomciCrisis.com website or my blogs pieces that are published in the Huffington Post, know that to say I am a critique of Ben Bernanke and his loose monetary policies at the U.S. Federal Reserve is an understatement.  Though most mainstream economists believe that Bernanke is a hero of the global economic crisis, a supposed savior from liquidity doom, there are a few excellent economists who from time to time offer incisive critiques on the Fed’s policies under Ben Bernanke.

Recently, I read an outstanding opinion piece on the madness of Ben Bernanke’s policies, and why it is bad for  other countries, including his own, to march in lock-step with the Fed’s easy money policies. Dr. Yishai Ashlag, an economist who writes for Israel’s leading business publication, “Globes,” has a piece entitled, “Interest rates should be raised not cut.” According to Ashlag’s take on Ben Bernanke,  “his policies are bad for the U.S. and bad for the world.” His explanation is well worth reading; here is the link to Dr. Ashlag’s piece on the “Globes” website:


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