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Corporate Debt In China Soars To Record Levels

March 5th, 2014

According to a survey recently conducted by Reuters of 945 Chinese companies outside of the banking  and financial services sector, corporate debt in China increased by 260 percent over a 5-year period. This rate of increase within the corporate sector that is occurring in China is unprecedented; no other nation’s example demonstrates such a cascade of corporate debt among any other major economy over a similar period of time.

At present, corporate debt in China outside financial services has reached the staggering level of 12 trillion dollars. This is equal to 120 percent of China’s GDP, and about 15 percent of global GDP. This is a startling figure of corporate leverage in China, and comes on top of the rapid rise  in local government debt in China, which I discussed in a previous blog post. There are implications of a worldwide character for this massive accumulation of private and public debt in China, which cannot have its impact in the entire global economy.


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