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Russia Ukraine Crisis Over Crimea Could Unleash New Round of Global Economic Crisis

March 28th, 2014

The apparent relapse into a new Cold War between Russia and the Western nations over the annexation of Crimea by Moscow  will almost certainly have grave repercussions for the global economy. Starting with Russia, the tensions with Ukraine and her Western allies have resulted in economic sanctions, with more threatened. The World Bank has just released a report, suggesting that increased sanctions could result in capital outflows from Russia of $ 133 billion for 2014, with GDP contraction of 1.8 percent, resulting in a recession.

The tit-for-tat sanctions and increased tensions will also hammer Western economies, however. Europe is highly dependent on Russian-supplied oil and natural gas, Furthermore, the already fragile Eurozone will also be hurt by sanctions, either imposed  on Russia or by Russia. The politicians of the world it would seem are not satisfied with all their past blunders-they now want to start a new global crisis, which among other things, will likely exacerbate the still ongoing global economic crisis.


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