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Japan Officially Back In Recession

November 19th, 2014

Tokyo’s release of data for Q3 indicated an economic contraction of 1.6 percent. This was unexpected;  after the previous quarter revealed a massive contraction of 7 percent, economists predicted a rebound back into positive GDP growth of at least 2 percent. Instead, Japan’s economy has incurred two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, thus meeting the technical definition of an economic recession.

Japan’s Prime Minster, Shinzo Abe, was supposed to have engineered a recovery from Japan’s two decades of stagnation and recessions through his economic policies, dubbed Abenomics.  Yet, after massive monetary intervention by the Bank of Japan, significant deficit spending and the trashing of Japan’s currency, the Yen, the end result is another recession.

Japan’s recession has led to the calling of new elections in Japan. The repercussions of the recession are not only political. Abenomics was supposed to put Japan back on the path to economic growth, allowing Tokyo to raise sale tax rates so as to begin coping with the nation’s massive structural deficit. With Japan now in recession, any policy measures designed to tackle the nation’s acute fiscal challenges have likely been placed on the back burner indefinitely.



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