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Large Banks Plead Guilty To Felony Crimes, Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts

May 21st, 2015

In a plea deal with the U.S. Justice Department, five of the largest mega banks have agreed to plead guilty to currency manipulation and rigging interest rates. These are serious crimes of a felony nature, however, not a single banking executive will see the inside of a prison. In a continuation of Obama administration policy, large fines that may impress the public are imposed, though it must be stated that the financial penalties are a fraction of the profits those banks received through their interest rate and currency manipulations, let alone public bailouts and Federal Reserve injections of liquidity at near zero interest rates. Meanwhile, no bankers face individual criminal indictments.

The five banks are: Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS AG.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has become the terror of Wall Street, had this to say about the plea deal agreed to by the Department of Justice: “It’s business as usual, and it stinks. The big banks have been caught red-handed conspiring to manipulate financial markets, and several have even admitted in court that they’re felons, but not a single trader is being held individually accountable, and regulators are stumbling over themselves to exempt the banks from the legally required consequences of their criminal behavior. That’s not accountability for Wall Street.”


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