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U.S. Government Spending is Out of Control: America Enters the Fiscal Twilight Zone

February 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Ten years ago, the Clinton administration submitted to Congress a proposed federal government budget of $1.9 trillion. Now, the Obama administration has released  a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It is a whopper: more than $3.8 trillion. As inflation has been low over the past decade, if official U.S. government statistics are to be believed, the great majority of this doubling  in federal spending over the past decade has been actual increases in real terms.

More disturbing than this explosion in federal outlays has been the record deficit that is being projected, following on the heels of previous record deficits. The red ink being forecast for FY 2011 is an eye-popping  $1.56 trillion. Yet, President Barack Obama claims that this is a first step towards deficit reduction.
I beg to differ with the president. Far from being a move towards fiscal responsibility, this massive spending fest, with a projected deficit that is the equivalent of more than three quarters of total federal government spending a mere ten years ago, is the clearest indication yet that U.S. government spending is out of control, and has entered the fiscal twilight zone. As I project in my new book, “Global Economic Forecast 2010-2015: Recession Into Depression,” this dangerous path is unsustainable. The ultimate consequences will be frightful.