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IMF Warning on European Sovereign Debt Crisis

July 11th, 2010

The International Monetary Fund has issued its latest quarterly report, and in effect it talks out of both sides of its mouth. It gives the supposedly happy news that the IMF experts have revised upwards their forecast on global growth, now estimated at 4.6%. However, in contrast with this dose of economic optimism, the IMF report also issues a sombre warning about the perpetuation of the European debt crisis and its impact on the overall global economy.
According to the IMF’s director of monetary and capital markets department, governments in Europe must take “credible and decisive action,” if confidence in European banking and financial institutions is to be restored. In the face of this understated yet clear warning, the IMF’s boast that the danger of a double dip recession is “very unlikely” strikes this observer as being utterly preposterous and nonsensical.

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