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China Economic Slowdown

July 18th, 2013

Official figures from Beijing indicate  that the Chinese economy grew by 7.5 percent in Q2 of 2013. In a developed economy, that would be considered stellar growth. In China, however, where economic dynamics (and economic data transparency) functions acutely different from a typical advanced economy, this number is alarming. It represents a sharp contraction in growth,  far removed from the sweet days prior to the onset of the global economic crisis, when annual growth rates routinely exceeded 10 percent.

China’s economic model was based on export led growth, facilitated by low labor costs. As recession-plagued Europe, in particular, can no longer sustain a growth in exports from China, fiscal and monetary stimulus is substituting in an effort to extract some level of expansion in China’s economy. What is in fact occurring is the proliferation of massive bubbles, particularly in real estate. Much of the GDP growth  in China is based on industrial, commercial and especially residential real estate construction funded by easy credit. The number of unoccupied homes and office complexes is rising, leaving China’s economy vulnerable to massive bubble implosions on the level that afflicted the U.S. property market in 2007.

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