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Oil Prices Continues To Plummet

January 6th, 2015


The implosion of global oil prices that dominated the last quarter of 2014 will likely set the stage for the major economic news of 2015; the economic destruction wrought by the collapse of petro-economies. With the price per barrel of oil now south of fifty dollars, the stage is set for global economic volatility.

The vast level of price destruction being witnessed globally is only good news in the very short term; lower consumer prices at the pump, and a reduction of fuel expenses for major importers and industrial users of petroleum-based fuels, such as airlines. These short-term benefits will likely be overwhelmed by the fiscal consequences enabled by the implosion of oil prices  that will be faced by economies largely dependent  on oil export income to maintain their balance sheets.

Iran, Nigeria, Venezuela and Russia are among these economies most vulnerable to the collapse in oil prices. Currently, Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, is hopping the globe in a desperate attempt to save his regime from defaulting on its sovereign debt. Countries facing fiscal disaster owing to the collapse of their major source of export income may resort to desperate measures, which may in turn create collateral ripples that afflict unforeseen damage on the global economy.



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