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GM Is Now “Government Motors”

December 22nd, 2009

After emerging from bankruptcy, the supposedly “new” General Motors is in reality a nationalized, government-owned automotive corpse. Courtesy of Obama economic policy, the American taxpayer now owns 62% of GM, which is increasingly (and accurately) being referred to as “Government Motors.”

The United States, which has long preached to the world the virtues of unbridled free market capitalism, unpolluted by any form of state intervention, is now prepared to subsidize any unprofitable corporation, be it in finance or manufacturing, as long as it is “too big to fail.” GM is now a ward of the state, something President Obama claimed he had no intention of bringing into fruition.

And what about this supposedly new GM? In the last few months, we have seen a lot more of the old GM; irrational last-minute reversals on key decision-making, such as ditching the long-negotiated sale of Opel, and the recent dumping of the corporation’s CEO, who had only months before replaced a previous CEO, fired on the orders of the Obama administration.

The tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money being dumped down the sinkhole that is GM may be the worst manifestation of “cash for clunkers.”  Instead of sound economic and industrial policy, the politicians in Washington seem content to add even more public indebtedness on to the balance sheets of generations of Americans yet unborn, all for the sake of keeping zombie companies on taxpayer-subsidized life support.



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